Meet The Makers #6





Describe your company in 3 words? Relaxed, Down-to-earth & creative. (I know, that’s 5 words)

What is your wedding day must have? A bunch of bananas for energy and with a bit of luck my sunglasses.

What inspires you daily? My inspiration comes from my clients and family, I’m lucky to be doing what I love as my job. Their energy, enthusiasm and support keep me striving to become better every day.

Why are Irish Brides/Grooms the best? They’ll do what it takes regardless of the weather to get great pictures. Our climate can be unpredictable at times but Irish couples are made of sterner stuff.

What is best thing about your job? Meeting so many great people on a happy day, you can’t help being happy when you are surrounded by happy people. It’s a satisfying job, especially when clients write to you afterwards singing your praises.

What's the best way to get in touch with you? Email is best initially but there’s nothing quite like having a chat on the phone or meeting face-to-face.