Expert Styling: The Wedding Tablescape

For international stylist Jessica Sloane a "less is more" philosophy is the biggest challenge in an industry where lush and luxe are the norm. Jessica believes editing is key to creating a chic and sophisticated wedding reception tablescape. Jessica shares with us her top tips for for styling a modern wedding reception table that is effortless, modern and full of character.

Inspiration ….When planning your wedding tablescape, inspiration can come from anywhere. I find myself feeling particularly inspired in interior spaces that resonate with my personal aesthetic. It’s often the colours (or more accurately, the lack of colour), the lines, patterns and mix of textures that draw me in. When I walk into a store, a restaurant or home where all these things align, I feel more alive. This is what I aim for when working with my clients, looking for what inspires them and creating their individual event space. My belief is that your wedding day should not only reflect your personal aesthetic, but more than that, it should be an extension of who you are, and what home means to you.

Team Work ….I recently worked with a client who I would describe as having an "edgier" and modern sense of style. We share a love of mixed metals and contrasting neutrals in interior spaces and fashion, which directly inspired her tablescape design. For the tabletop, we layered a copper charger with an organically shaped white plate, set with minimal glasses and matte rose flatware. Taper candles were held by copper and marble holders, so I added softer textures with charcoal linens and cotton paper place cards to bring balance.

Table Elements….Curating a clean and thoughtful tablescape requires intentionality when curating the elements. Here are a few tips I’d recommend for how you can translate your modern inspirations into a completed tablescape. 1; Ambient lighting helps set the mood: using lots of candles helps the space feel warm and inviting. 2; Don’t crowd your table with decorative elements or too many florals: leave room for elbows so your guests are comfortable. 3; Mix textures within your colour palette. Texture is key if you're pairing down, especially if you're interested in having a flower free tablescape.

Moods and Muses …One of the most useful things I do with my clients is a creative session where we dig into what they value and what resonates with them, in their day-to-day lives. We end up creating a mood board that captures the overall feeling we want to create on their wedding day from that session. My clients often say it's their favourite meeting and it's one of my favourite moments as well. This process really helps us start out on the right foot. Designing and planning the wedding, down to the tablescape, all stems from that initial mood board.

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