8 Tips for Planning a Large Wedding

If your wedding includes a very big guest list, you’ll find that careful planning ahead is the only way forward. Take a look at our tips for planning a large wedding and see how we can make your planning process as stress-free as possible.

1.Book ahead If you're planning a large wedding reception, then it's best to be prompt when it comes to booking your wedding venue. Hotels especially can be booked up to a year or two in advantage. So don't let procrastination be the reason you miss out on your larger dream wedding.

2.Wedding itinerary If your numbers are very high, then one clever way to keep everyone on the same page is to provide a complete rundown of the day's events. You can also create a wedding web page/Facebook group for guests to check up on everything you have planned. Try not to be to overbearing - keep the information simple and lighthearted.

3.Transport If your ceremony and reception venue are miles apart, it's perhaps a good idea to organise transport for your guests. This way the party atmosphere can continue on the bus and everyone will arrive at the same time. It's also a nice way to spend more time with everyone, if you hop onboard as well.

4.Lighten the load Planning a three day wedding event? This is exciting, but things can quickly become very pricey for your wedding guests. Why not make the experience less costly by; forgoing wedding presents/gift lists, keeping them up to date with hotel deals, or providing an open bar. Highlight things perks to them clearly, that way they know you're on their side.

5.Seek Help A bigger wedding is a bigger undertaking - but you shouldn't let that fact put you off. The only way forward is to allow people to help you. Create a list of people you trust and delegate tasks, you may be surprised by people's generosity and how much they are willing to help it. Keep on top of everything by create a checklist or file. Remember to make the experience enjoyable for volunteers - it's a wedding after all.

6. Old friend, New friends Adult life is surprisingly busy, so a bigger wedding is a fabulous excuse to see all your favourite people at once. Most of us have friends and relatives living internationally, so it can be tricky to pin people down,  however people are willing to travel for a loved ones wedding. A bigger wedding means you can catch up with your favourite aunt, plus your childhood friend who now lives in Australia.

7.One Place You can save money by having your whole day in one venue. Many venues across Ireland have ceremony facilities within their hotel. This approach creates a one shop stop, having all your guests under one roof all day long. There is no need to stress about bus timetables, plus you have more time to mingle with your guests this way.

8.Embrace the space From a styling point of view, a larger space means a bigger canvas to play in. Divide the space into smaller sections and allow each section to play a different role throughout the day.  Dividing the space can be achieved with relative ease by running wires and drapes. Take into account space for the ceremony, cocktail hour, the dining, and the dancing.