Love On Top

Love on Top

Mark + Shanni, Limepark, Co Antrim

‘I surprised Shanni with a bunch of roses and a new dress and a note inviting her to come and look for me at Mount Stewart,’ explains Shanni's then boyfriend, Mark. ‘I had also provided her with a CD to listen to in the car, a CD which I had recorded of myself butchering some of our favourite songs on my banjo.’ Shanni found Mark at Mount Stewart where he produced a scrap book illustrating their time together. ‘I asked her to help me complete the last page, at which point I produced a typewriter with a page reading; will you marry me?’ Shanni typed yes, and the final pageof the scrap book was complete, pretty soon those wedding bells would be ringing! 


Their ambition for the wedding day was to keep it small with minimal fuss, and that those who attended would feel included. ‘Quite a bit of our wedding was home made, and we had a lot of help from both our families," explains Mark. "Whether it be baking, making pom poms, making invitations, sewing, flower arranging, the list goes on! We had a great time doing all of that on the lead up to the wedding and on the day it definitely made it feel special.’


Limepark was their first and only venue choice, having fallen in love with it the pervious year. ‘Limepark has always been a special place for us, we spent many weekends staying in their self catering cottages,’ explains Mark. ‘We absolutely love the place, love the feel of it.’ Prior to their engagement, Limepark management had mentioned a barn they were in the process of converting to host weddings in. ‘As soon as they told us that we knew there was no other place for us, and it so happened that when we got engaged the barn was ready.’ Limepark provided the perfect after party, following a ceremony at their local church. ‘Having the ceremony in the church we attend and being married by Andy our pastor who has been a big influence, really meant a lot to us both.’


Wedding Suppliers

Photography  The Lou’s

Venue Limepark

Brides Dress Castle Couture

Bridesmaid dresses

Grooms suit Ted Baker, The Boardroom

Cake, Stationery, Venue Styling   Family & Friends