A Unique Wedding By Sarah Fyffe

Rustic with a nod to their cultures this wedding is unlike any other. Douglas and Sarah custom made almost everything themselves (with the help of few good friends and family members) — from the tasty treats to the wedding dress itself, this wedding is a DIY dream.

The Venue …. We wanted to celebrate our marriage at home. I couldn’t imagine a better venue; right in my childhood backyard, it’s where I grew up and I wanted to share that with my husband to be. It took two weeks to clear the barn in order to dress it for the wedding, but luckily our family and friends were on hand to help out with the barn clear out and decorating. The table clothes were a mixture of Nigerian fabric and old Irish linen to add colour to the barn. The floor was covered with some really impressive rugs from home, meaning the barn looked like an extension of our home.

Helping Hands … The day just would not have happened if we didn’t have talented and kind friends and family. From my childhood friends making tray bakes, to my mum making a pie and cake a day for about 2 months before the wedding. We ran around borrowing everything - a beautiful chaos which made the celebration even sweeter.

Bridal Fashion … My cousin Caroline made my dress. My only request was that it couldn’t be white. With that guidance, Caroline recruited my mum to embroider the material every Wednesday for about 6 months. They also added black and white beads to the embroidery, which are the colours of Douglas’s Nigerian tribe. Caroline changed the bodice design the day before and worked until 2am the night before the wedding. I can’t express in words how much I loved wearing that dress.

Highlight of the day … Douglas had been sent his visa only 3 weeks before the wedding, so my personal highlight was him just being there at home with me. It was a feeling of pure joy.