Lady In Red

Sometimes it’s the little surprises that make you sit up and really clap. Like this lovely red dress and the lovely bride who wore it. Finding a wedding outfit that makes you feel comfortable and at home is something you should always seek. This rose red outfit matched with a very dapper hubby and a great location all made for a beautiful wedding day.

The Wardrobe

I knew that I didn't want something 'usual', and only tried on the red dress on a whim, as it didn't look great on the hanger, but once I had it on I knew this was the dress. Niall hates renting out clothes, so for the wedding decided to get a suit made to measure. After looking around he went to and created his there with the help of their stylists. They manages to get it done in double quick time too, as we late organising it. 

The Feel

Our wedding was a casual wedding, one that hopefully was stress free for all involved. Our main aims for the wedding was for everyone to enjoy themselves, eat great food and great entertainment. We didn't want to make our friends and family rent or buy dresses that they would never wear again, so we told them to wear something that suited them

The Venue

We looked at several venues but almost all of them were totally ostentatious. Neither of us would have been comfortable getting married surrounded by such wealth, we would have constantly be on edge that our guests would break something! We went with Bellinter House, because of the decor of the house - shabby chic is something we both love. We had humanist ceremony which reflects our beliefs.

The Details 

We sent ou email invited to all of our friends through and made paper invites for our parents friends, as some of them didn't have any email addresses! Our cakes are styled as boardgames, as we both really love them. Niles mother organised all of the flowers, as flower arranging is a passion of hers. One of my cousins put us in touch with The Willin' Fools, who instantly put as at ease, they were so laid back! Once they started playing, the dance floor was packed the entire night, and everyone seemed to love them. 

PHOTOGRAPHER - Kelly McAllister 

VENUE -  Bellinter House, Co Meath


BRIDES DRESS - Covet     ACCESSORIES -  Irene O’Brien

GROOMS SUIT -  A Suit That Fits

INVITE - Appy Couple

CAKE - Cakes by Shelia

ENTERTAINMENT - The Willin' Fools