A Boho Inspired Wedding Day

This stylish duo said their ‘I do’s’ with a wedding day full of splendour and beauty. Fresh with tasteful decor, tasteful styling and a gorgeous gown from Archive 12— this one is sure to inspire the modern boho bride. 

The Bridal Fashion …. Chill and Bohemian would sum it up. Somewhere between Lana Del Rey in the 'Born to Die' music video and Janis Joplin but without the bell sleeves. I know it's not this way for everyone, but my dress was the second dress I tried on, in the first bridal store we went to. A traditional wedding dress was never going to be for me and Claire at Archive 12 embodied all that I could ever want in a dress.  My mum still talks about how great Claire is. I wanted to be comfortable, in head to toe lace, and in something I could stomp and swish around the dance floor when the time came. 

The Wedding Vibe….When we first started planning our wedding we wanted the whole day to reflect honestly who we are, both individually and most importantly together. It was super important to us that our guests had fun, enjoyed a lot good food and that we got to celebrate with our nearest and dearest on our own terms. There can be so many voices fighting to be heard when it comes to planning a wedding and it can all get a bit muddied. Al and I made decisions together, prioritised food and fun, and all the little details feel into place naturally and organically. Our day was filled with family, food and greenery. The vibes were chill and I'm not sure we'd do anything differently if we were to do it all again. 

Highlight of the day……Nothing on this earth can prepare you for the moment you start to walk down the aisle. It's sacred and a little scary, but seeing Al's face as my Dad and I neared the Alter is something I will never forget. Genuinely, our wedding day is the most fun I've ever had, celebrating something insanely special with your best friends and family is the greatest feeling ever. After the speeches and the meal Al was off grabbing a pint with his best friend, our families were hanging out together and my girls and I were chilling around the top table, it was a simple moment but it felt poignant. 

Advice for couples…..I think wedding planning can go one of two ways, it can either be smooth sailing or it can be really overwhelming. Choose to enjoy the process, and work together. Our engagement was, for the most part stress-free and we were able to really savour the time spent between wedding planning and saying our vows. At the end of the day, you're marrying your best friend and that is the most important thing.


Bridal Dress | Daughters of Simmone from Archive 12


Venue Larchfield | Photographer Calvin Craig | Bridesmaid Dress Asos | Hair Emma Crawford | Makeup Anna McConnell | Grooms Suit Next | Flowers Posy and Tie Floral Design | Cake Baked Blessings | Entertainment The Russian Dolls