Bridal Designer Interview: Liri Bridal

Liri Bridal is a new line from designer Riki Dalal. Riki’s wedding dresses are produced with embellished fabrics, handmade lace, crochet, pearls, and a variety of specials elements connecting the periods of past and present. Talking with us, Riki opens up about her love for bridal design and why each bride still makes her tear up.

Describe your company’s unique design style. My style is combining romantic lines with flattering silhouettes, accentuating the figure, using fabrics I design and unique materials. My designs are known for their luxurious, clean and light lines, high-end finishes and rich and exquisite lace. My clients are women that seek the best quality in exceptional designs, with my unique lines, known for their lightness and sexy playfulness, yet classy and conservative. I believe that every bride should feel both comfortable and confident to show her inner feminine strength.

Do you design with a certain type of bride in mind? In recent years I try to make my collections very versatile and with a wide selection of styles, since we sell my dresses in over 180 boutiques across the world. Every market demands different silhouettes. The Israeli and American bride are more adventurous and bold, while the European brides are more conservative. The Chinese brides prefer ball gown dresses to hide their miniature figure. The Israeli bride seeks dresses with sparking fabrics, while the German bride demands a clean fabric, with no beading at all.I try appealing to all tastes and not overlook any market, with preserving my unique touch and design line.

What 2019 trends are you most excited about? 2019 is going to be a year of sparking and bright fabrics. I am currently working with many glimmering fabrics, while also designing satin dresses, that are very popular right now, following the British royal wedding, this year. The competition is fierce, but the sparkly fabric trend won’t leave us any time soon.

What is most important when considering a wedding dress? The most important about the dress is the bride and the opportunity to take and realise her dreams. The bride should feel really comfortable in her dress, in addition to capturing and reflecting the uniqueness in her bride

What is your favourite gown from your latest collection and why? My favourite dress in my new collection is actually from my brand, NOYA, Sol dress. It is a boho chic styled design, silk chiffon with luxurious and stunning lace. The dresses look so angelic and heavenly, yet very noble and luxurious.

Can you discuss your design process? Before I approach the dress design process, I check other markets, and try to see lace styles, if I liked a certain design, I request exclusivity over it. In addition, some of the lace designs, we draw ourselves and get them to print. Then I begin playing with the fabrics on a mannequin, together with my team, until we find what works best. I try to listen to people around me and appeal to the younger generation, I take a bit from everyone’s opinion and in the end put everything together to something I love. After finishing a collection, I can get up from sleep, draw a design I was dreaming about, come to the studio in the morning and put it in the collection, in the last minute.

Tell us about you and your journey as a designer. My career began with helping my mom making white dresses for the girls in my neighbourhood in a small town, Kiryat Malachi. I always had a sense for aesthetics and design. When I was 22 I designed my first wedding dress, the dress for my wedding.The dress was so remarkable that I was later approached by many brides-to-be from the city, asking me to design their dresses. Little by little my clients list grew and I then designed dresses for Arthur Mary for their international competitions. My kids encouraged me to follow my dreams and open my first bridal boutique. Within a year the small boutique was too small and I moved to the mall and after 4 years I opened my first bridal salon. 2 years ago I opened a flagship store in London, and a year ago i opened my fashion house.

What is your favourite thing about working in the wedding industry? To this day, every bride makes me cry. I wake up in the morning excited to design the dresses for my brides. Even though I travel a lot for international shows, I make time to accompany my Israeli brides on their wedding day, I love watching them and my heart melts every single time. In my work, I especially love having the ability and freedom to create, design and practice what I love most in the world. My growing success and my designs acknowledgement worldwide make me very content and proud. It is still hard for me to believe that brides from all over the world ask to take a picture with me or for that I sign their dress.

LiRi gowns are available from La Boda Bridal