A Signature Bridal Lip

Somehow it seems so right in these winter months, now the temperature has dropped with the sun is setting lower in the sky creating deeper languid shadows, to introduce an edge of Victorian gothic romance, with a slight nod to the dramatic, by refocusing on a red lip in shades of terracotta, scarlet, crimson through to claret and morello cherry.

There are subtle elements to creating a fresh and 'on trend' signature lip. Key to achieving a pared down look while having a red lip at the centre is a perfected blended complexion, balanced with minimum but definite attention to your eyes, brows, lashes and blush.  You should consider texture and depth when choosing a red lipstick, the colour doesn't have to be a saturated solid band of strong colour.  Deeper red shades can also be translucent and when worn as a soft-focused stain, still have a presence and look ultra modern. The most important detail is the shape - think 'heart' with soft rounded contours, no hard lines or sharp angles. Opting for a full and proper signature lip try these tried and tested backstage tips:

Exfoliate – apply a little lip balm then use a dry toothbrush in light circular motions to slough off the dead skin, reapply lip balm and allow to absorb.

Prep – by applying a little concealer dabbed on to full lips including around the lip line.

Define – use a lip pencil to create the soft 'heart' shape - match the pencil colour with the shade of lipstick, use small connecting lines instead of one long continuous one.

Fill in – with a lip brush and your red lipstick of choice, ensuring to apply the colour right up to the lip liner: remove any mishaps with an eye makeup remover drenched cotton-bud. 

Blot & Set – first by blotting with a tissue to remove the excess sheen, then reapply another layer of lipstick - blot once more with a tissue then finishing with a fine dusting of translucent powder to ensure longevity and all-day wear.