Get The Look: Lasting Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Artist, Jennifer Ireland has shared with us her top tips for for long lasting bridal make up

For most women, their make-up looks great for the majority of the day, but they’ll arrive home from work, look in the mirror and wonder why it has disappeared. Therefore, a main concern for brides is the staying power of their make-up on their wedding day. It’s a long day, and you want to look perfect from the minute you walk down the aisle, to the small hours dancing on the table tops.

Firstly, booking with a make-up artist who is experienced in bridal applications will mean they know how to apply a long-lasting make-up (but don’t fret, if you prefer a softer and more natural make-up, longevity doesn’t mean it needs to be caked on). A bridal make-up artist will know to ask questions about your skin and your preference of formulations so they can apply the correct products specific to your skin type, right down to the moisturiser. It’s all about the preparation.

Heightened emotions and a few tears can be guaranteed on a wedding day. Your make-up will be completely fine if you remember to pack a tissue (or 6!). Just dab at tears before they fall on your cheek. If you need to blow your nose, go for it. There’s nothing worse than constantly sniffing. I always advise my brides to pack a creamy concealer to dab over red noses, or to fix up under eyes if there have been lots of tears. I like Laura Mercier Creamy Concealer. Pack a small blending sponge to apply.

Sun and heat can’t be guaranteed in Ireland, but when we get a good day, it can be a scorcher. If you get a little warm in your dress, or from dancing around your venue, a pressed translucent powder should be all you need to keep perspiration at bay. I love Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. Blotting papers are also great. I like Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers.

Finally, it goes without saying that there will be a LOT of kissing on your wedding day. Be sure to find out what lipstick or gloss your make-up artist used and purchase the same one. Even lip stains will need a little touching up after all the eating, drinking and smooching you do on your wedding day.

These simple few tips will keep you looking fresh and fabulous ALL day.